A sprinkler system, or irrigation system, is the best method you can use to water your lawn and keep it green and healthy.

An irrigation system delivers the correct amount of water to a lawn.

If you live in Texas, you know what summer heat can do to a lawn. It is almost impossible to move water hoses around a yard and give each area the water that it needs to feed the roots which develop a healthy, green turf.

Sprinkler System Installation

Brazos Landworks is licensed to install irrigation systems for residential and commercial customers. It is imperative to hire someone who has the training and knowledge to install the sprinkler system - the right way the first time. It is easy to make a costly mistake by hiring someone without a license, and we are certified by the State of Texas to perform this important service.

Sprinkler System Repair

Brazos Landworks can repair your sprinkler system or replace worn sprinkler heads. It's best to call right away when you notice a problem with your irrigation system instead of letting it get worse and cause more damage to your system or lawn.

If you see large brown spots on your lawn, give us a call and we will check to see that each sprinkler system head is functioning properly and delivering water to the proper area in your yard.

French Drains

A French drain can move standing water from one area to another. There may be low places in a lawn where water accumulates during a heavy rain, and a French drain can help alleviate the possibility of flooding.

Standing water near the structure of a home can cause major problems with the integrity of the foundation. Brazos Landworks can evaluate the situation and correct this problem.

We are Licensed

Brazos Landworks is licensed and certified with the State of Texas to perform irrigation installation and repair.