Landscaping a yard can include installation and maintenance of grass, flower bed, shrub, and tree. It could include preparing a lawn for proper drainage and a wide variety of services needed to sustain a thriving lawn.

plant trees
Selecting native Texas plants reduces the
amount of water needed to maintain a flower bed.

Lawn Installation and Maintenance

Having a beautiful, green lawn is the first step in a landscaping plan. We can suggest turf that is suitable for our area and install the grass so it will grow healthy roots for future growth.

Brazos Landworks can also help maintain you lawn and protect your investment.

Flower Beds

It might be tempting to dig a hole in the ground, place a plant in it, and then hope for the plant to grow and thrive. The fact is, there are several steps we follow to successfully prepare the soil before it will support a successful bed.

  • Select a location with good drainage.
  • Kill and remove any weeds or grass in the bed area.
  • Turn the soil and remove rocks or other large debris.
  • Add organic matter to the soil and mix into the loosened soil.
  • Plant your flowers or shrubs.
  • Add mulch to control weed growth and conserve moisture.

Shrubs and Trees

There are a variety of shrubs and trees that are suitable for the Bryan and College Station, Texas, area. Brazos Landworks knows how to prepare the soil and get it ready for the best plant growth. We know the optimal time of year to plant, how to prepare the hole to accept the new plant, and how and when to fertilize.


plant trees
Brazos Landworks follows nursery standards
when planting trees to promote rapid root growth.

A climbing vine can add texture and visual height to your garden, flower bed or landscape. Add a trellis, pergola, lattice or other structure on which it can climb to help impede it from taking over other areas where your flowers and shrubs are growing.

Not all vines grow in the same manner. There are three types of vines, each classified by the way it clings to other objects.

  • Vines that cling with twining stems, like Wisteria
  • Vines that cling with adhesive disks, like Boston ivy
  • Vines that cling with roots, like English ivy

We can help you select the type of vine that will not become invasive and destroy your flower beds or garden. We will carefully select the location before planting any type of vine, because once established, some varieties are difficult to move.

Mixing Plants for Texture

Create drama in your landscape by selecting different types of flowers, shrubs and trees. Combine small shrubs that have different textures and shades of green. Use plants with large and small leaves, delicate and coarse texture, and those that differ in height.

Add flowering bulbs that will bloom year after year and break up the monotony of a dull flower garden. Some shrubs, such as Oleander, have a huge bonus - they have beautiful blooming flowers during certain times of the year.

Shade vs. Sun

An important consideration when selecting plants is to determine if the planting area is in a shady or sunny location. Most areas will receive some sun and some shade, so observe the length of time your planting area is in shade or sun.

It is important to know that afternoon sun tends to be much hotter than morning sun. The success of your garden or flower beds will depend on making wise plant selections, and Brazos Landworks has the expertise to help you with this difficult task.