Texas experiences two growing seasons per year, stretching from the last spring freeze until the first fall freeze. The optimal time to plant is after the last spring freeze.

Texas Summer Heat

sprinkler system control box
An irrigation system is an easy and efficient way
to water your lawn during the hot summer months.

To select the best plants that can beat the heat during the summer months, the following factors are taken into consideration by our team at Brazos Landworks.

  • Location
  • Water availability
  • Shade
  • Lifestyle of family

Watering During the Summer

During the hot Texas summer months, your landscape can easily become stressed. Brazos Landworks advises that you water your lawn three times a week, preferably in the morning around dawn. Watering at night leaves the grass wet for a longer period of time and will promote fungus growth.

To promote deep root growth, Brazos Landworks recommends that you apply one-third inch of water on your lawn. Too much water promotes disease.

Winter Maintenance

Once the weather turns cooler, cut watering back to two times per week.

Aerating and fertilizing the lawn during the winter months will promote healthy grass and plant growth in the growing season. Brazos Landworks can work out a scheduled maintenance program for you. Turn these projects over to the experts and watch your lawn and garden thrive.

Maximize the Power of your Dollar

Allowing Brazos Landworks to accommodate your landscaping needs maximizes the power of your dollar. Our high quality materials go hand-in-hand with our superior craftsmanship, and you will receive expert advice about caring for the plant life in which you've invested.

Remember that estimates are always free of charge.